This is a list of commonly used software in amateur radio.

FLDIGI SuiteDigital radio communication, radio control, logbook, messaging system
Windows, Mac, Linux
WSJT-XDigital communication using FT8 and other weak signal modes
Windows, Mac, Linux
MMSSTVSlow Scan TV software for WindowsFree
CHIRPMemory management and programming for Windows, Mac, and LinuxFree
EchoLinkInternet-linked ham contactsFree
WinlinkGlobal Radio Email for Windows (other compatible clients available)Free
PinPoint APRSAPRS software for WindowsFree
Dire WolfAX.25 and FX.25 software modem for Windows and Linux
(works well for APRS)
soundmodemAX.25 software modem for Windows
(works well for Packet Winlink)
Ham Radio DeluxeCAT control, digital modes, satellite tracking, and logging software for WindowsPaid
N1MM Logger+Contest logging software for WindowsFree
MacLoggerDXLogging software for MacPaid
MacDopplerSatellite tracking software for MacPaid
ArtemisSignal identification database for Windows, Mac, and LinuxFree
VSP ManagerCom port routing software for WindowsFree

Advanced Ham Software

This table includes useful software for the tech-savvy ham radio operator.

Pi-StarSoftware image for digital voice modes on a Raspberry PiFree