Digital Voice Modes

Regional Reflectors, Rooms, and Talk Groups

Group IDModeSystemNotes
FCS003 035 Ohio-NetC4FMFusion Connect System
Ohio-Link 40557
US-Midwest-Ohio 14293
US-NW-Ohio 83242
US-Ohio 53594
W8HHF 40401
C4FMYaesu System Fusion
REF 038A Ohio
REF 039A Ohio ARES
REF 039B Ohio EMA
REF 039C Severe Weather
REF 024A Michigan ARES
TG 31399 Ohio-Link-YSFDMRBrandmeister Network
REF 4608 OhioDMRDMR+ Network
3139 OhioDMRFreeDMR and TGIF
TG 31220 Lucas County Ohio ARES
TG 419 Toledo Amateur Digital Association
P25P25 Reflectors
XLX419 D-STAR REF XRF, DCS, and YSFMultipleXLX Multiprotocol

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